Eco her Flo

EcoHerFloWere you aware that it takes up to 800 YEARS for a SINGLE disposable pad to decompose?

Were you also aware that each one of our sanitary pads lasts up to 3 YEARS with the correct care?

Per the survey of Food and Trees for Africa, Dignity Dreams has a carbon footprint of 17 trees per year. We continuously strive to minimise our carbon footprint.

The average woman uses 900 disposable pads every 3 years, which end up in our landfills, polluting our environment. According to Stats SA – there are 20.1 million women and girls between the ages of 15 and 34. Assuming all these women are menstruating (making allowances for those who begin menstruating younger than 15 and those in the age bracket who are not menstruating), we can estimate that (as per average menstrual cycles) 18.09 billion disposable pads pollute our environment EVERY 3 YEARS.

How can we make a change?

Dignity Dreams packs! Each pad lasts up to 3 YEARS when cared for properly which means that rather than one girl disposing of 900 pads in that time, she will only be disposing of 1!  How incredible is that? Sanitation is a global problem and one which our society needs to face head on. Why not begin with something simple such as donating a pack to a girl in need to reduce the pollution impact she would have had on her environment.

There is no better alternative to Dignity Dreams SABS Absorbency Approved, re-usable and washable sanitary pads.

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