Our girls

According to the Statistics South Africa Census there is an estimate of 5,1 million girls between the ages of 10 and 19, across all races in South Africa. Many of these girls make use of disposable sanitary wear which, on a rough estimate, costs R50.00 on average per month. Over a 3 year period each girl will spend R1 800.00 on sanitary products.

But what about the school girls who cannot afford their own disposable sanitary wear? Many of those, still attending school while menstruating, are forced to make use of newspapers, toilet papers, rags or even socks filled with sand and other materials. Not only do they not have adequate female products, their schools do not provide sufficient ablution blocks for the girls to keep clean. The use of these non-sanitary items and not keeping regular hygiene results in various infections, keeping them back from school. Many other girls do not even attend school during their cycles.

Above the stress of not having sanitation, we have discovered that many of the girls do not understand what is happening to them. Many girls and boys alike, have not been taught even the basics of menstruation and the female reproductive cycle. Thus the girls are stuck feeling confused and ridiculed by their peers.

Dignity Dreams strives to not only provide the girls with Menstrual Hygienic products, but to also educate them and their peers so that they are comfortable in their bodies and can continue to flourish as confident, young ladies.

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